News, Sports, Program Services


Since Turkey is located in a strategic geo political region which experienced  wars, immigrations, natural disasters  and generating hot news,  worldwide news agencies  are following and trying to transmit those news to their clients  in various mediums..  Also in Turkey, news agencies like; The Anatolian Agency (AA), IHA, FPA and NEW TR  are developing their facilities and offering worldwide services in recent years.

Through our belief of  cooperation and dedication, we offer fast, reliable and high quality news services to our clients.

Our experienced crew took important parts in many  international events of important institutions such as United Nations, European Union,NATO, World Bank, IMF, UN HABITAT and UN G 20.

We provide special news operations,  feed points for our clients with elite, multi lingual and, experienced reporters and technicians, on demand.


Sports are important social activities in our country. People of all ages are doing all branches of sports both in amateur and professional levels.  The national values of our people such as Ambition, Talent and Success make people proud of our sportspeople and also inspires the new generations. Broadcasting all of these values through Television, Internet and Radio is the best way to inform the nation all about these success stories.

Broadcasting sports events for television audience requires specific expertise in broadcasting.  Of(i) BROADCAST SERVİCES  is supported by  a wide range of  experienced and talented  Directors, Reporters, Cameramen, Commentators and Technicians of all levels with  a rich experience of over 30 years each containing sports events such as Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games,  Europe and World Championships  of many sports, Mediterranean Games, Universiades, Formula 1, Istanbul Marathon, Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey and other large scale events.

Our experienced crew handled many live airs in Amateur, Olympic and Professional  Sports events  under the patronage of IOC, FIFA, UEFA,FIBA, IAAF, LEN and, WWF with sense of mission and broadcasting ethics.

We have made reliable broadcasts in EBU ( European Broadcasting Union) ABU ( Asia Pasific Broadcasting Union) and ASBU ( Arab States Broadcasting Union) standards.

Of(i) BROADCAST SERVİCES is ready to write new success stories with our clients and talented crews in all levels.


Of(i) BROADCAST SERVİCES  and our crews have produced and broadcasted many events reflecting the social and cultural values of the nation with their experience of Public Broadcasting over 30 years now.

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day Parades,  The Reunion Night of Rumi ( Şeb i Arus) (Whirling Derwishes Performance) , 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul are the examples of the major projects that our crewmembers took part in. In addition, they also took part in hundreds of TV programs in Music, Game Shows and, Documentary.

We combined 30 years of experience in Public Broadcasting with the dynamism of private sector and  the new technologies of today in the Internet, Television and Radio, to provide high quality services for  all production requirements.