Ömer Osman Urgun

Broadcast Systems Engineer

He started his broadcasting career with the installation and operation of HBB television in İstanbul.   During his professional career, he has been involved in very important projects especially on Master Control Rooms  and continuity studio systems. He served as a senior manager in the training of many technical staff and in the establishment and operation of new systems during his service at TRT.

In addition to his theoretical infrastructure in video, audio, fiber and RF measurements, he has been actively involved in the establishment, maintenance and operation of continuity studios as well as outdoor broadcasting and construction site studies.

He is supporting the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES as  a Broadcast Systems Engineer on  Project basis after completing his TRT career in 2018 .

Some of the major positions and projects he was involved  are; 


1993- 1994 Istanbul HBB TV Broadcast Engineeer

1994-1995 Istanbul Kanal-D Television, Broadcast Engineer.

1995-2018 TRT  Measurement &Maintenance , System Operations Engineer,  Operations Manager.


Digital Audio Broadcasting Project  Planning

Renovation of ARI and ORKUT Production  Studios

Installation of New Master Command Room and Broadcast Center / DVB-S Project.

Removal of the Main Command  and Broadcast Center to ORAN Premises.

Removal of Kanal D Istanbul Studios in to their new building

Installation of HBB Television Istanbul Studios.