Our Founding Philosophy and Goals

Our main objective is to combine the 35 years of knowledge and experience in Public Broadcasting with the dynamism of private sector in order to provide high quality and reliable corporate services. We aim to provide added value for the future of our clients and our country through this understanding.

Our main target is to develop new business models to increase cooperation among the members of broadcasting ecosystem.  We prefer to put our efforts for co-operation rather than competition, in order to make a better work and achieve better results  with all of our partners.

Our Mission

To reflect the values of people such as  savings, talent, ambition, courage, struggle, belief and success in social, cultural, sportive, technological, medical and artistic  areas through all types of broadcasting mediums.

To provide high quality and  reliable services to the Broadcasting Industry through our experience, consciousness and responsibility that we gained in Public Broadcasting.

To support training, innovation and R&D projects in order to provide added value to our country and clients.

To provide services for our national and international clients through effective business models and cooperation with solution partners in a reliable corporate body .

Our Vision

Offering the best solutions, achieving the best results and  providing added value  for our clients and our country.

Our Motto
“Reflection of Values”