İsmail Serdar Tuna

News & Live Broadcasts Director

Starting his  career in 1998,  Serdar Tuna had worked as Mixer and  News Director for many years in the News and Sports Department of TRT in Ankara. Over the years, he took part in numerous news bulletins, programs, sports and other live broadcasts as Vision Mixer and Director both in studio and on field productions.

As an  experienced News Director,  he had trained the new coming TRT staff on Vision Mixing and News Directing in many Vocational Training Sessions organized by the Training Department.  He had participated in many workshops with international braoadcasters and enhanced his knowledge and experience.

He managed many news broadcasts with high level state protocol, and realized special programs with The President Erdogan of Turkey in the Presidential Palace Ankara

Besides these, he had handled many news bulletins and live broadcasts from the strategic war regions like North Syria, North Iraq , Karabag and  throughout the Syrian border of Turkey during military operations in North Syria.

He has worked as the News Director  in many major international events in Turkey. He is supporting the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES as  a News & Live Broadcast Director  on  Project basis after completing his TRT career in 2018 . .