Semih Türkmen

Audio  Expert / Chief Sound Operator

Starting his TRT career in 1988 as sound operator in Ankara Television, he worked in PA and monitoring untill 2002 in Music Programs recordings basicly.

He set a record by handling the  sound recording, editing and crew managing of  the 23 April Childrens Festival for  23 years in a row.

Some of the major events he was involved as sound  expert are ;  NATO Summit, , UN HABİTAT, Conference, Islam Conference Meetings,  instalation and operation of  TRT Sound studio in Athens Olympic Games ,  PA, Sound Recording and Monitoring in the Eurovision Song Contest  Istanbul 2004.

In his sound career of over 30 years, he managed numerous training sessions and seminars  both in the corporation and other public institutions.  Some of the training sessions and seminars he was involved are ;

Audio Recording Principles/ Basic Acustic Training/ Digital Audio Formats/ Electroakustic/ Tarining of the Trainees/

EBU-Digital Production in Film and Television (HFF Academy)

Active Antenna Wireless Mic Systems and their Maintenance

HD Audio Seminar for the Sound Operators

Multichannel Audio Recording  Techniques.

News Recording,Production and Broadcast Systems

( ISOFT User Course)

Surround Systems and Digital Audio Measurement Techniques.

Digital Audio Console Operation Training.

Linear Acoustic Loudness  İntroduction.

Digital Radio Mixers and  On air  sound processors course.

Studer Vısta 5 Audio Console Measurement and Maintenance Course

Sound Engineering  Training for Albanian RTHS Staff.

Studer On air-3000 Digital Audio Console Operation Course.

Digital Mixing Console Course for in Studio and on location sound recording.

Digital Audio Recording Formats Training.

WEB based Tv Training for  Azerbaijan Web TV and Baku State University Students.

He is supporting the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES as  an Audio  Expert / Chief Sound Operator  on  Project basis after completing his TRT career in 2018 .