Cem Terayağoğlu

Photo Reporter /Sport Coordinator/ Ice Hockey Athlete

He has done a wide range of services in his career, covering mainly communications, coordination on advertising issues of TRT Radios and Television Channels. He had prepared Broadcasting agreements of many international sports events in  Sports and other  channels.  He has handled the advertising broadcasts and related legislation processes for the FIFA and UEFA organizations broadcasted in Turkish territory.


He worked in selling the ad spaces for  TV and Radio Commercials  in Radios and Television channels as well as sponsorship and bartering  agreements and their follow ups.

Other  important  functions are ; Communicaiton and Coordination in many international sports events broadcasting, Daily sports news exchange for EBU on behalf of TRT, Editing of these news packages and their transmissions, field production for the international broadcasters  and coordination with local crews.

Among the important international events we can count ;  World Weightlifting Championship in Turkey, Erzurum Winter Universiade Games, World Wrestling Championship, Turkey, World Indoor Athletics Championship Turkey.

He is supporting the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES as  a Reporter / Coordinator on  Project basis after completing his TRT career.