Today, we are proud to announce one of the best feeling a person can experience.

The next generation that will shape our future and their education is enormously important for us. That is the reason why we focused on launching our education division as soon as possible with excitement and sense of responsibility. We are happy to launch our education branch Of(i) ACADEMY, an important part of our thinking and the philosophy behind the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES.

With expert team members, Of(i) ACADEMY can transfer every theoretical and practical information to the young generation. It is a common knowledge that theoretical information is not enough until it is not experienced in the field in media area. Therefore, the practical applications that the trainees will encounter in the field and in business life will make them more aware and successful than their colleagues. In this sense, Of(i) ACADEMY aims to be “The Establishment of Practical Education” among universities, institutes, high schools and colleges that conducts classes about the media.

With a team that has more than 30 years of Public Broadcasting experience and each of them has a background in the field of public broadcasting, Of(i) ACADEMY aims to transfer their experiences in the field to young people studying in different branches of the media.

The Reporter and the Cameraman who covered war and terror events live in the field, the experience of our Anchormen, the live broadcast of our Presenters, broadcast preparations of the Producers and Directors, Interviews with the foreign and local Statesmen and their monitoring, Elections, the Olympics, World and European Championships, Mediterranean Games, The preliminary preparations of important summits such as G20, NATO, IMF, HABITAT, and the efforts to bring such organizations to our country constitute the vital information that we will transfer to the trainees.

Only small number of broadcasters got the chance to experience important events such as News and Sports mentioned above. To convey the knowledge and experiences of the rare professors of these events is the privilege Of(i) ACADEMY, in other words, “Reflecting Of(i) ACADEMY’s Values”.

At this point Of(i) ACADEMY is proud to serve the young generations with distinguished education methods by the veteran staff who have been involved in the production of news

and sports production; experienced every stage of production and blended the corporate identity of the public with the flexibility of the private sector.

Our training activities are not limited to students. Our special programs for Public Institutions, Municipalities and Private Institutions, which requires services such as copywriting, preparing press releases and systems of cameras, sound, light, television, satellite etc., are included as a solution partner.

With a broad vision, Of(i) ACADEMY will continue its services not only locally but also globally. Within this framework, Of(i) ACADEMY will be in mutual cooperation with the international education institutions of the media sector.

We would like to special thanks  to Yaşar KEFELİ, an experienced broadcaster who has worked at every stage of broadcasting for many years as a reporter, trainer and senior manager in TRT, who we used his ideas while forming the Of(i) ACADEMY.

For more information about our training activities please visit www.ofibroadcast.com.tr and contact us.

With Regards


Founder, General Manager

Cübbe odtü


The groundbreaking and boundless development of technology brings everything into our hands in a snap and our lives are now sailing to the digital world, especially with the significant contribution of the younger generations. The media, of course, have indisputable power on this manner. In other words, the globalized world has become a small village thanks to the media.

The media, which are of such importance, make us all feel its presence and contribution to all of us in many fields, just like the fact that people get news and information through their mobile phones and molding public opinion.

But it should not be forgotten; We manage such a strong media. Employees of this sector are the ones that provide the news and programs to be delivered to the masses both in written, visual, internet and digital ways.

Even though those who work in this field are equipped with theoretical knowledge, they gain experience with master-apprentice relationship when they leave the field. They continue to learn throughout their lives, because the sector is a living organism, constantly improves itself. In the master-apprentice relationship, in other words, in the teacher-student relationship, the secret or open education factor is in the foreground.

Reporters, announcers, producers, cameramen, fiction members, directors, all employees who work in the regie, live broadcast operators and many other technicians have passed through these trainings (within the framework of the master-apprentice relationship), specialized and put their theories into practice.

Of course, in these trainings, the theory will integrate with the practical application in the field and will reach the conclusion that Of(i) ACADEMY aims for.

Without a doubt, the veterinarian broadcasters who have been working for years will teach young communicators all the intricacies of the profession, and they will tell you how important the small details are in the field during the production of news and programs.
And the young people who benefit from these experiences will always be a few steps ahead of their peers when they start their school or profession, in other words, they will be able to start to work much faster. This is the role of Of(i) ACADEMY.

Our trainings will be varied according to the professions. The trainings will be strengthened with the practical applications. With the help of experts, young generations will be prepared for the profession.

Of course, these trainings will be updated by the unexpected developments in the field which expert trainers face in the field and the crisis solution towards it, in other words strategy development techniques. Thus, the young generations will not only be left with theory and practice, but will also be prepared for possible unexpected developments in the field .Because this work is not quantitative, thus it is quite possible to experience problematic situation. When that’s the case, you’ll need experience, in other words YOU’LL NEED Of(i) ACADEMY.

Young generations and everyone interested in the profession, we invite you to meet with us at the values reflected from the Of(i) ACADEMY.

With Regards

İsmail Serdar TUNA

News Director, Course Coordinator



In addition to the theoretical part, we have also provided training to our students in order to develop strategies for the unexpected developments in the field. In other words, we did not leave any openings in our education. In this context, trainings are given on the following subjects.

We also have the flexibility to provide special training upon request.

Field Experiences in Broadcasting
Sports Broadcasting
Information About Specific Broadcasting Applications
Field Experiences
in Broadcasting
News Broadcasting
Information About News Specific Broadcasting Applications
Field Experiences
in Broadcasting
Programming Broadcasting
Information About TV&Radio Programming Specific Broadcasting Applications
Coordination & Communication in Broadcast Operations
Details of Organisation, Coordination & Communications in Broadcasting.
Determination of the Organisations, Coordinations & Communications in Broadcasting
Logistic Details in Broadcasting Operations
Logistic Areas and Coordination in Broadcasting Operations
Determination & Coordination of Logistic in Broadcasting
International Major
Sports Events
Summer and Winter Olympic &Paralympic Games
Informations about the details of the Broadcasting Organisation of Olympic & Paralympic Games
International Major
Sports Events
World Cups & European Football Championships
Informations about the details of the Broadcasting Organisation of the World Cups & European Football Championships.
International Major
Sports Events
Mediterranean & Universiade Games
Informations about the details of the Broadcasting Organisation of
Mediterranean & Universiade Games Broadcasting Details
Audio & Video Techniques
Audio & Video Standarts, Measurement and Transmission Techniques
Learning of
Audio & Video Standarts, Measurement and Transmission Techniques
Studio Installation & Set Up Criterias
Radio Studio Planning, Installation & Set Up Criterias
Learning of the Radio Studio Planning & Installation Criterias.
Studio Installation & Set Up Criterias
Television Studio Planning, Installation & Set Up Criterias
Learning of the Television Studio Planning, Installation & Set Up Criterias
Education of Broadcasting Systems.
Engineering Details of Broadcasting Systems
Learning of the Engineering Details of the Radio & Television Systems