Deniz Gucuyener

Founder, General Coordinator

After graduating from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,  In 1983, he started working as an engineer at TRT Ankara Television International Broadcasting Control Center .Later on he got trainings in SFB Television in Berlin on the Measurement, Operation and Maintenance of Studio equipments. Than he worked in Atlanta, USA for the installation and factory acceptance of the first Satellite Earth Station of TRT. He acted as the Braoadcast Operations Engineer for over 10 years and coordinated the satellite and terrestrial link connections of many international transmissions.

Between years 1997-2003, he worked in the Sports Department as the International Sports Coordinator and handled the broadcasting of many important sports events outside Turkey.

With the start of the Kuwait invasion and the First Gulf War, he was appointed as the International News and Sports Braoadcasts Manager to follow these events closely and than continued on this position for 12 years covering many important broadcast events such as  Galatasaray’s UEFA Cup Final in Copenhagen, 2000,  UEFA Super Cup  Final in Monaco, 2002 World Cup  Japan-Korea,  Cosolation match Turkey vs Korea ,

He has also coordinated the relations of  TRT with International Broadcasting  Institutions such as ; EUROVISION, ASIAVISION, EURONEWS and EUROSPORT CONSORTIUM over the years.  He worked in the worldwide transmission and distribution Project of TRT WORLD  News Channel and completed his TRT career in 2018.  With the encouragement of  colleagues from TRT, he started the establishment of  Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES company as the Founder, General Manager. He was ABU Sports Prize Chairman, 2011. He was also awarded for the year’s sports contribution on Television, 2017.  He is National Olympic Committe Member.

EBU/TRT Sports and News Commitee member
EBU/TRT Olympic and Major Events Sub-Group member
EBU/TRT Radio News&Sports Study Group member
ABU/TRT Sports and News Group member

Among some of the important broadcasting activities he took part in as follows;

Olympic & Paralympic Games:

1984 Los Angelas, 1988 Seul, 1992 Barcelona, 2000 Sydney, 2004Athens, 2008Beijing, 2012 London  Summer & Paralympic,
1984 Saraybosna, 1988 Calgary, 1992 Alberville, 1994 Lillehammer, 1998 Nagona,  2002 Salt Lake City, 2006 Torino, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

1998 France,  2002 Korea/Japan, 2010 South Africa, 2014 Brasil World Cups
2000Holland/Belgium, 2004Portugual, 2012 Poland/Ukrain, European Champs.
Mediterranean Games:
1987 Suriye, Lazkiye, 1991 Athens, 1993 Languedoc-Rousillon, 1997 Italia Bari, 2001 Tunisia, 2005 Spain Almeria, 2009 Italia Pescara.


2001 Türkiye Eurobasket Champs

2005 European Women Basketball Champs.

1992 Istanbul Final Four Basketball.

As IBC Manager of the following events in Turkey.
2005 Izmir FISU Summer Universiad,
2011 Erzurum FISU Winter Universiad.
2012 IAAF Istanbul World Indoor Athletics
2013 CJIM Mersin Mediterranean Games

Many European & World  Champs of various disciplines like Athletics, Weightlifting, Volleyball, Box, Taekwando, Bilardo, Judo, Wrestling, Archery, Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball, Volleyball, Cyling, etc.