İlhan Cengiz

Sports Producer and Director.

Ilhan CENGIZ, who started as a sound engineer in 1974 at Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT), has been working continuously as a sports producer and director since 1990 and has successfully performed many sports Productions and broadcasts  over the years.

To name just a few among the numerous sports productions, we can count the following;

-1996 European Football Championship in England,

-1998 World Cup in France,

-2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Broadcasts.

-2000 Netherlands-Belgium European Football Championship and Broadcasts of National Matches.

– 2004 Portugal European football championship special broadcasts,

-2012 Poland Ukraine European Football Championship Broadcasts of National Matches.

-2003 Istanbul  Turkey vs  England Live Broadcast  director.

– 2004 European Cup Qualifying Matches

  • 2002 World Cup Turkey vs Austria Live Broadcast

–  Several  UEFA Cup Matches  of different Turkish   football clubs.

  • 2004–2005 Season “Turkish Super Legue” Matches Live Broadcast Director.
  • European Short Lane Swimming Championship 2009
  • 2005 İzmir Universiade Summer Games
  • 2011 Trabzon Youth Olympic Games

–  2003  European Womens Volleyball Championship

He is supporting the Of(i) BROADCAST SERVICES as  a  Sports Producer & Director on  Project basis after completing his TRT career in 2018.